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About Gabbar Agrotech

Gabbar Chicken was founded three years ago by three highly placed individuals. It all started with the idea of providing a nutritional chicken along with the ease of purchasing Kadaknath - a rare species in chicken found only in a few parts in India. Sudhir Kapre the founder along with Mrugesh Kadam and Rohit Puranik worked day and night to bring to light and envisage the dream of setting up Kadaknath hatchery and making it one of the biggest in India. Today Gabbar Chicken processes more than 30,000 Eggs per day and more than 60,000 parents per day. Gabbar has reached the corners of Maharashtra and has contract farming with more than 1100 farmers. Gabbar has also lent a huge helping hand to these farmers in setting up their own poultry farms and having a small business of their own.